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Fresno USCIS Coverage Appearance Attorney

Fresno USCIS Appearance Attorney


We can help if you have an immigration client that needs representation at the Fresno USCIS. Jesus Martinez is an immigration attorney that works in Fresno, CA. Attorney Jesus has represented numerous clients at the Fresno USCIS office. In addition, he has also appeared on behalf of other attorneys in Fresno.


To put you at ease, attorney Jesus reviews all the documents before the actual interview. In addition, he personally calls the clients the day before to notify them he will be representing them at their interview. On the day of the interview, attorney Jesus arrives early to the Fresno USCIS to meet up with the client and put them at ease.


If you are looking for a Fresno coverage attorney to represent your clients in the Fresno USCIS, look no further and contact us.


Our prices are reasonable and we look forward to helping you and your clients.