Do I really Need an Immigration Lawyer?

With the amount immigration attorneys charge, some people think: “do I really need an immigration lawyer?” This is a fair question, and a question often asked. Before answering the question, it is helpful to explain different cases.

Scenario 1

A person that went to a public notary

Scenario 2

A person that did it themselves

A person that went to an attorney

Like all things, it isn’t required to obtain someone with experience. If a person has enough time, will power, and perserverance, they can do it themselves. Eventually. For instance, someone can hire an electrician to wite their home or fix a faulty wire. However, they can also learn it themselves. Maybe not overnight, but after numerous hours, they might do it right. Someone can also construct their home. If they do research and know how. Or they can hire a professional. Same with attorneys. A person can learn the law, and apply it, or hire someone. In addition, if they hire someone, they can be at peace knowing a professional is helping them.