Political Asylum in the USA for Mexicans


Political asylum in the United States for Mexicans, can these cases be won? The short answer is that if in this video I'm going to be talking more about this topic, keep watching until the end for all the details, because many people ask, well, can you still win political asylum in the United States for Mexicans, for people from Mexico. And yes, yes, they have been won, yes I have won these types of cases and what matters a lot, which are the facts, right?

No, each case is the same. One person can be leaving for one reason or another person, for a completely different reason and the facts matter a lot. What I would say, so for many Mexicans who are fleeing, whether it's from Mexico, to ask for political asylum, is that they are generally being heard for one of two reasons one is for domestic violence. Maybe a person has been a victim, they've been beaten, they've been threatened, maybe they've been raped in their country.

And usually what happens is that the partner is a bit macho and mistreats the woman in that way and commits many incidents of violence. And that's one of the common categories of people from Mexico who are fleeing. If you are learning anything, please let me know and give me a hand. Don't forget to subscribe. It helps a lot to teach people who need to hear this video. Thank you very much. The other category is, well, people who are fleeing because of the gangs, the cartels, and for example in those cases, a person is perhaps being extorted, perhaps they are being asked for a fee, perhaps they have a business and the cartels are saying to protect you they want to give you a certain amount of money to other people, perhaps they are young and they are praying and the cartels are saying hey, get in with us, you have to help us, you are here in this area.

So this area is ours. And to be here, to protect your family, whatever it is, you have to get in with us. And then also these people, these Mexicans, are fleeing to the United States to ask for political asylum. And so yes, because the facts depend a lot, because generally those are the facts of these two types of categories, but the facts are what distinguish whether a case can be won or not. In addition to the facts, it matters a lot who the judge is, but if, as with the facts, if a person has been a victim of domestic violence, it can happen that there is an argument there.

Of course, you still have to talk about the case to see exactly what happened. But if a person has been raped or beaten and there has been more than one incident more than once, it can happen that there is a case there. It still depends on who your judge is, because even if the facts are very good, if the judge is not so good, it will make it more difficult. If the facts are more or less good and the judge is more or less good, that will also help you.

And with these domestic violence cases for Mexicans, if we have won those cases, they can be won. And if you think you qualify or have a case for political asylum, for this reason I recommend that you talk to an attorney. You can talk to us as well as another one in your area to analyze your case. Also let's say if you were a victim of cartels or gang members, or that in Mexico. That is going to be a bit more difficult.

In those cases they are more difficult. If you learned anything, please let me know in the comments as well. Don't forget to subscribe and give me a hand. Thank you very much and God bless you.